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Welcome to Latitude 33!
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Christine Borland | Email Manager
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Latitude 33 Concierge
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Corporate Office
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Latitude 33 Patrol Officer
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Board of Directors' Meeting Notice 
Master Association Meeting  
The next Master Associaiton Board of Directors Meeting is
Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at 7:30 pm in the Master SKY Lobby
posted: 8/9/2014
Manager's Messages 
New Front Desk Associates  

To:          Latitude 33

From:    Christine Borland, General Manager

Date:     September 18, 2014

Re:         Front Desk Associates

I am pleased to introduce our new Front Desk staff. The following are the names and schedules of the Front Desk Associates:

o   Joey Hovsepyan – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

o   Angel Santos – Friday and Saturday

o   Dino Cosico – Sunday and Monday

The front desk hours are 10:00 am – 6:30 pm daily (the desk is closed from approximately 1:30 pm – 2:00 pm for lunch). The front desk personnel can be reached at (310) 929-4134. There may periodically be a need for them to step away from the desk.  If they are away and you need immediate assistance they can be reached by cell phone at (310) 488-0565 (this is also how you reach the guards from 6:00 pm– 6:00 am daily).  The front desk employees can be reached via e-mail at .

The Front Desk Associates are an integral part of the staff here at Latitude 33. In the past the term ‘Concierge’ was used, but over time the original staffing needs have changed. Based on feedback from prior surveys the necessity of having a traditional concierge was no longer needed and the Board at that time terminated the services of the concierge company and we moved away from that concept. However the need for a front desk position has remained and evolved. Since the signage and e-mail address were already established, the ‘concierge’ name is still being used, but the duties go far beyond what was originally conceived.  You may not even be aware of all the things they are doing to make the community run smoothly.

Some of the duties expected of the Front Desk Associate are as follows, but are not limited to:

·         Keep all unit information up to date such as:

o   owners and tenants names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses

o   inventory of all keys left for emergency or guest access purposes by residents

o   approved visitors you allow to pick up your keys while you are out

o   all vehicle registration information

o   temporary guests that you may allow access to your unit on a one time basis

·         Keep track of all reported parking violations and call for towing as needed, send violation warnings, provide temporary guest parking passes, approve extended guest parking passes on a case by case basis with approval from the manager, do random parking inspections when a violation is reported

·         Direct guests to park in the guest parking areas

·         Hold all keys for owners that wish to leave their key at the front desk for use in an emergency, and to be given to housekeepers, dog walkers etc. based on your instruction

·         Coordinate and supervise all move in and move outs, making sure there is no damage to the common area building exteriors, elevators, hallways, and that the trucks are parked correctly and able to move as needed if blocking another garage or driveway. For Sky and Boardwalk coordinate padding elevators, and directing new residents to the location of the garage recycle rooms for disposing of packing material and boxes

·         Meet all new residents and owners and go through an orientation of the common rules of the community, answer any questions and provide them with all the new resident forms for completion, and input into the computer system

·         Coordinate with the HOA housekeeping and engineering any maintenance items that are reported that need attention around the community

·         Call building engineer for any emergency that needs immediate attention and react in the best interest of the community to attempt to mitigate the potential damage that could be caused

·         Coordinate vacation mail holds with the mail carrier when requested

·         If you are out of town let the front desk know and they can periodically pass by and make sure there are no deliveries, notices etc left by your door. If something is there they can hold it until your return (Beach units would need to leave their gate key)

·         Hold all packages for residents that are not home in the storage room and send out e-mail notification upon package arrival

·         Send outgoing packages as requested

·         Dry cleaning outgoing and incoming coordination with local dry cleaners

·         Monitor the camera system for possible issues within the community, address violations that may be observed

·         Assist with issues from trespassers coming on the property and escort them off as needed. Call the proper local authority if warranted

·         Assist all residents and visitors that enter the lobby, open the door and warmly greet everyone. Introduce themselves to anyone they have not yet met and ask if they need assistance

·         When contractors check in make sure they know where to park, the rules of the community and not to make loud noise anytime during the day that could disturb others quiet enjoyment

·         Observe and enforce that no delivery or work trucks park in the driveway between Sky and Boardwalk

·         Open, stamp and code all Association invoices for approval and payment by accounting

·         Assist with coordination of setup for all HOA meetings

·         Provide basic services such as suggestions on local areas of interest in the community, call for taxi service if requested, research services such as dog walkers, housekeepers etc

·         Provide vendor suggestions from a list of qualified vendors

·         Understand and implement emergency procedures when necessary

·         Perform any other administrative duties as assigned and needed by the General Manager or the Board of Directors from the five associations

With regard to package handling, Fed Ex, UPS, private delivery services, Amazon etc should always attempt to delivery to your unit to see if you are home. If they make the attempt and you are not home they are instructed to bring all packages to the front desk (unless you have provided them with a different direction). If you had a previous arrangement to have all of your packages left by your front door, please again express that to the front desk via e-mail so that can continue. If the front desk associate is not at the desk and the delivery service leaves a package for you at the desk, but you wanted it delivered, the evening guard will make all delivery requests to your door during approximately 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm. You can also call the guard any time during their shift (6 pm – 6 am) to meet you at the front desk to pick up a package you have been notified about.  The USPS will deliver any smaller package into the parcel bins below the mailboxes. When you get a key in your mailbox it is for one of the lower bins. When you put the key in and take your package out, the key remains in the lock. If a package they are delivering is too large to fit in the bin they will leave it at the front desk and you will be notified.

Please stop by the front desk, introduce yourself and welcome our new staff members. That would be the perfect time to confirm all your information is up to date in their system, leave a key for emergencies or authorized guests if you desire, give instructions on your package handling needs, confirm all the guests on your guest list are still people you want to allow on-site etc. If you have not yet picked up your orange guest pass and updated your vehicle registration, please also take care of that at this time.

If there is anything else that has not been addressed here that you feel would be a beneficial duty for the front desk to do for the community your suggestions are welcome and greatly appreciated.


































































posted: 9/18/2014
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