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Board of Directors' Meeting Notice 
Master Board Meeting   New!
The Master Associaiton Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at 7:30 pm in the Master SKY Lobby
posted: 7/18/2014
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Latitude 33 Security Duties and Information   New!

To:          The Latitude 33 Master Association

From:    The Master Association Board of Directors

Date:     July 17, 2014

Re:         Latitude 33 Security Duties and Information


At the January 21, 2014 Master Board meeting, during Open Forum, it was expressed by many homeowners that the master budget could be tightened up and in response to this, an Expense Review Committee was formed to review the large expense line items in the budget. At the May 28, 2014 Master Board meeting, after hearing recommendations from this committee which includes homeowners from all three communities, the Board elected to slightly reduce the hours the security company is on site daily and, thereby, reduce some of the security related costs.  This was decided on the basis of a three month trial in order to make sure the security of the entire community would not be diminished.  The annual savings is anticipated to be $13,000.


The new hours are one security guard per shift on-site 6 pm – 6 am, which is a reduction of two hours per day of the current hours of 6 am – 8 am. Below please find details on the job duties and expectations of the guards.


On-site Security Guard 6 pm – 6 am Daily:


-          The guard is responsible to do regular but random walkthroughs of the community.  These rounds include the entire community perimeter, common garages, driveways, interior streets and pathways, inside the SKY and Boardwalk buildings and through all the sidewalks and paths of Beach.

-          The guard may be stationed at the desk periodically while writing incident reports and daily log entries.

-          If you see suspicious activity, theft, solicitation, or any concern, PLEASE report it to the security guard by calling the security cell phone (310) 488-0565. If you feel threatened or in harm’s way, it is recommended you call 911 first, security second.

-          The guard can be contacted through any of the 3 on-site lobby call boxes at Sky and Boardwalk finding ‘Patrol Guard’ and pushing the call button on the directory (you can also dial 051) or by calling their cell phone at (310) 488-0565.

-          If you call the security guard and receive voicemail, please leave a message as they may already be assisting someone and will promptly return your phone call.

-          The guard can be available to escort homeowners and/or guests to or from their vehicle or home if requested by calling them in advance.

-          You can call and meet the guard in the lobby if you have a delivery you need to pick up from the storage room.

-          The Field Manager can be contacted at (310) 628-2556 during our security hours of 6 pm – 6 am if you are not able to reach the guard and need immediate assistance.


Weekend Front Desk Guard:


There is one guard on duty on the weekend from 10 am – 6 pm that covers the front desk and is available to assist residents as needed.


Summer Weekend Parking Guard:


During the summer from Memorial Day until Labor Day there is an extra guard on duty on the weekends from 10 am – 6 pm. This guard patrols all of the guest parking areas throughout the community. He gives out guest passes to visitors and makes sure there are no parking violators that come here to park and go to the beach or local establishment.


Local Police Information:


-          We are serviced by the Los Angeles Police Department Pacific Division. Located at 12312 Culver Blvd.

-          Non-emergency main phone number is 310-482-6334 or dial 311.

-          In an emergency please call 911.


Your feedback regarding security is much appreciated. If you have any questions or comments regarding security please e-mail Christine at cborland@actionlife.com. She will forward all comments received to the Board for additional consideration.

posted: 7/18/2014
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